Editor here. (Not Oculusperegrinus, the author of the wonderful stories on this site.) I often write but all my writings are non-fictions. Inspired by (albeit envious of) Oculusperegrinus‘s skill in making short stories with unpredictable endings, I tried my hand on fiction-writing. And of course, this was edited by the Short Story Master Oulusperegrinus. We both liked it. We do hope you like it too.


She was breathless, tired from running away from her captors. At first she thought they were her family, sweet loving people who gave her what she needed and more. Then she found out about their true identity.

They are high class puppets, with strings invisible to the eye, achieved by the science in that era. Who makes them move, that she doesn’t know yet. That explains it, she thought. They stopped her from doing things she liked, destroying each of her dreams, although it was disguised as done for love.

But now she’s free, finally free from the mindless robotic puppets who still pretend to be humans. She started wondering how many puppets are already here on earth. They must be many, she thought, scared.

She heard foot steps, making her turn around. The puppets are here, and they’re going to take me.

“Dalia,” the voice was calm, sweet even, a voice you wouldn’t expect from someone who wants you gone from this world.

“No, please! Go away!” She was edging to the wall, but there’s no where to hide.

“Dalia, it’s time to end this.”

With one swift motion the puppet master cut Dalia’s strings.

“This one is defective,” the puppet master told her colleagues. “It’s time to make a new puppet.”

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One thought on “Unstrung

  1. mazzamc

    Ok, I PROPERLY love this one. Fantastic!

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